What is a Digital Watercolor ? ..........back

A "digital watercolor" is created from
a small original watercolor painted in a special manner...

Original Watercolor

to sympathetically accept massive digital enlargement
of not only the original watercolor...

First Enlargement

....but even further enlargement of crops (as shown) to become "companion images"...

Companion Image

Companion Image

to reveal intriguing and engaging details not normally seen with the naked eye.


.....The prints are either limited edition or monotype (one of a kind) giclee (archival) inkjet prints and are sold as a single print or in combination with its companion images as a set. It is a new and interesting way to view watercolors.

.....The original watercolor becomes only an intermediate in this process and, beyond enlargement, very little digital manipulation is allowed in order to maintain the freshness of the original watercolor. Typical finished print size is 12" x 24". Although, prints as large as 36" x 42", or even larger, are possible and can be sized to fit a particular installation.